‘How is that possible?’ - Graham Norton on the ‘most surprising thing’ about Taylor Swift

Virgin Radio

12 Feb 2024, 11:24

Credit: Virgin Radio / Getty

Having won big at the Grammys and jetted to watch her boyfriend in the Super Bowl in the last few days, Taylor Swift is the name on everyone’s lips at the moment.

On 5th February, the singer-songwriter made history as she became the first performer to win the Album of the Year Grammy four times. Then, in the early hours of this morning (12th February), she was in attendance as her partner Travis Kelce won the Super Bowl with his Kansas City Chiefs. She flew in from her show in Tokyo to be there.

Our own Graham Norton spoke about Taylor with his pal Maria McErlane on the Graham Norton Show with Waitrose at the weekend. 

Maria showed concern that people were “beginning to gun for” the singer, because “they are now saying she snubbed Celine Dion [at the Grammys]” and “the Swiftie army are going to prevent Trump getting in.”

Graham replied: “I think they can try and go for her, but it's not going to work. Because the Swiftie army are so devout, and also because it's not like they've drunk the Kool Aid or bought the snake oil. She's good. She's really good.”

He continued: “The most surprising thing to me about Taylor Swift is when you talk to her… when I've talked to her backstage… it's like, ‘You can't be this normal? You must be doing an impression of a normal person?’, because she's so down to earth, so totally, seemingly unfazed by what's happened to her. 

“And you've got to think, ‘How is that possible?’ But she does an amazing job of it. And she's so pleasant and lovely to everyone she meets. I have so much time for her. I really like her. If someone's gonna have that army, I'm glad that it’s her, because I think she will use her power for good. “

Graham’s guests at the weekend included Big Boys creator Jack Rooke, and Helen George, who spoke about the future of Call the Midwife.