Paddy McGuinness drops a dental bombshell on Question Time, leaving Fiona Bruce aghast

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9 Feb 2024, 11:15

Credit: BBC

Top Gear star's dad's DIY dentistry shocks panel and viewers.

Paddy McGuinness, known for his everyman sense of humour, took everyone by surprise on the latest episode of Question Time when he shared a jaw-dropping revelation about his father's unconventional approach to dental care.

The former Top Gear presenter left both the audience and host Fiona Bruce in shock with the distressing family anecdote.

As the panel delved into the pressing issues of NHS funding and the challenges people face in securing dental appointments, an audience member raised the question of resorting to DIY dentistry, including pulling teeth with pliers.

It was then that Paddy dropped the bombshell, confessing: "Funnily enough, my dad did that."

Fiona Bruce couldn't hide her astonishment as she gasped, "What?"

Unfazed by the shocked reactions, Paddy McGuinness nonchalantly continued: "He took his own teeth out because he couldn’t get a dentist appointment. This is a few years back, so I know that firsthand."

Never one to miss a beat, McGuinness injected his trademark humour into the serious discussion.

Reflecting on his childhood fear of dentists, he cheekily congratulated the government for their achievement, saying: "But as someone as a child who was terrified of going to the dentist, I’ve got to congratulate the government for getting people queuing up. People can’t wait to get into the dentists now."

While the dental revelation left the audience amused and shocked in equal measure, Paddy McGuinness didn't shy away from engaging in political banter.

He said: "Lucky for me, most people know I’m not here for my great political brain. But that didn’t stop Boris Johnson, so that’s alright.

"For me, James, you saying to Wes that Sir Keir Starmer is doing anything to get a vote is a bit rich coming from a Tory, let me tell you."

Paddy stayed a roll and started addressing the unfulfilled Brexit promise of an additional £350 million per week for the NHS, he questioned its whereabouts, humorously stating: "Well, where is it? Why is the NHS on its knees if it’s here?"

Paddy then delivered a final jab with: "Why are they going on strike, nurses and doctors, if it’s here? Where is it?"

Paddy's unexpected foray into political commentary prompted viewers to express their surprise and approval on social media.

One viewer tweeted: "Paddy McGuinness seems better informed than the other panel members,"

while another suggested: "Can Paddy be on every week, please?"

As the Top Gear star showcased his insightful take on politics and shared a surprising family anecdote, he left viewers appreciating his wit beyond the realm of entertainment.

Whether discussing DIY dentistry or challenging political promises, Paddy McGuinness proved once again that he's a force to be reckoned with, even on the Question Time stage.

Question Time continues on BBC iPlayer at 8pm and BBC One at 10.40pm on Thursday.