Call the Midwife exclusive footage hints at devastating storyline - WATCH

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9 Feb 2024, 10:34

Call the Midwife cast looking concerned

Credit: BBC

Call the Midwife’s lead stars are in for another emotional rollercoaster this week.

After episode five’s dramatic scenes which saw the Turner family in tears and Trixie and Matthew’s relationship troubled, now the residents of Nonnatus House will be made to deal with yet another emotional shock story.

As the exclusive clip below shows, episode six of the popular historical drama will see Nonnatus House rocked by the discovery of two young children who are abandoned in the area by their mother.

Watch our exclusive episode six clip here:

Meanwhile, as the clip above also shows, the younger nurses’ preparations to campaign for better pay are also well underway - in spite of Nurse Crane’s evident discomfort around the whole demonstration.

The full synopsis for episode six reads: “As summer draws to a close in Poplar, the pupil midwives are preparing to sit their final exams and viva. Joyce is a methodical planner and can keep calm under fire, but Rosalind is becoming more and more anxious.

“When two little boys are found abandoned in the local church, triggering a nationwide hunt for their mother, Cyril, as child welfare officer, is faced with his toughest challenge to date.”

The synopsis also provides a hint as to where Trixie and Matthew’s storyline will be headed. “Matthew’s financial woes come to a head when he is summoned to a board meeting with his mother about the state of the business,” it teases. “Following a number of unwise business decisions and investments that almost bring the company to its knees, it’s time Matthew finally comes clean with Trixie.”

Plus there will be more medical drama for Dr Turner, as he “is alarmed by local moneylender and matriarch Gladys Bell’s swollen ascetic abdomen, and promptly refers her to St Cuthbert’s.”

Call the Midwife series 13 episode six will air this Sunday, 11th February, at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.