Death in Paradise: Ralf Little opens up about working with 'living legend' Hayley Mills

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3 Feb 2024, 14:42

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Star of the long running comedy crime caper reflects on the show's A-list connections.

Dominant DI of Death in Paradise and mainstay of British television for over two decades, Ralf Little, recently revealed how the calibre of the show's guest stars, which includes international pop stars and now an academy award winner, still astonishes him.

Speaking with and other press, ahead of the show's magnificent milestone of 100 episodes, marvelled at the production crews ability to still draw some of Britain, and the rest of the world's, most talented performers.

He then commended many of those guest star's ability to "gel" on set and deliver strong performances, despite the challenges that working with an established crew and understanding the quirks of a show that Little characterised as "its own unique thing."

He even accepted that, guest stars are a key factor in maintaining the "fun" on the show.

He said: "A guest cast that really kind of leans into that, you just know that they're having a better time. And it's just a magical thing.

"It's really fun for us because, just when you've got [through] three weeks and thinking 'we've got to get to the end of this episode', a whole lot of new people are coming in and we start the fun all over again."

Little also made it explicitly clear that he thinks it's "part of the magic of the show" and was clearly overjoyed at his opportunity to work with "fantastic roster of wonderful actors" with both the recurring and guest casts.

In addition to the fun that the guests can bring to a set, Little also added that they improve his technical skill as an acting and enhances his professionalism.

He loved the "challenge" of working opposite "different people, different styles, different different characters" and jokingly clarified that he didn't mean to say that he found anyone particularly "challenging".

Still full of praise, Little shared his delight at getting to star opposite, child star turned turned 60s icon, Hayley Mills.

Continuing to be aghast, he said: "You know, I still can't believe that. I was in an episode with Hayley Mills, it still astonishes me, an absolute living legend. She was absolutely glorious!"

For some of our younger readers, and older readers who might not remember, Hayley Mills rose to fame as a child star, most notably appearing in the original version of the Parent Trap, which was subsequently remade in the late 90's with Lindsay Lohan, and even won an junior Oscar.

Mills then became Britain's biggest box-office draw for a decade before turning to a successful stage career. She became a recurring face in many much beloved television shows, which included a cameo in Murder, She Wrote.

Death in Paradise returns to BBC One and iPlayer on Sunday 4th February.