Jason Donovan opens up on Neighbours reboot and future plans

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3 Feb 2024, 12:46

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The 80s heartthrob reflects on Neighbours' revival and life in the UK.

Jason Donovan, renowned for his role as Scott Robinson on the iconic soap Neighbours, recently shared his surprise at the show's unexpected revival after filming a special finale.

The 55-year-old actor and singer, who rose to fame on the show from 1985 to 1989, expressed his thoughts on the reunion and the possibility of returning to his native Australia.

In an interview with The Standard, Donovan revealed his initial reaction to Neighbours' continuation, stating: "I was surprised. I didn’t not expect it to come back in a way, I mean, I didn’t broadcast that, but I sort of felt that it probably could happen. Those reunions tend to happen."

Reflecting on the significance of Neighbours in his life, Donovan emphasised its transformative impact, noting: "Neighbours changed my life."

He acknowledged the role the show played in showcasing Australian suburban life to the world and expressed his desire to be part of the celebration of its 36-year legacy.

When discussing the decision to participate in the reunion alongside Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce, Donovan shared: "To not give a nod to that, wouldn’t have been in good spirit.

"I wanted to do that and I reached out to other people that I know, Kylie [Minogue], Guy [Pearce], and a few other people and said, 'Maybe we should make this happen.’ So if the net result is the rebirth of the show and give more people work as a result of the attention that it got, great."

However, Donovan made it clear that his return to Neighbours is a one-time occurrence.

When asked about the possibility of returning again, he responded with a firm 'no,' expressing that for him, Neighbours is now concluded.

Living in the UK and working for over 30 years, Donovan shared insights into his current plans and the prospect of moving back to Australia.

While he wouldn't rule out the idea, he stated: "It’s not in my plans right now."

Donovan expressed his love for the UK and the flexibility it provides in terms of proximity to Europe and America.

Though for the first half of 2024 he will be dividing his time between here and his native Oz playing Frank N Furter in the 50th anniversary tour of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but will then stay firmly put with his wife Angela Malloch and their three children, including actress daughter Jemma Donovan.

Despite being a former contestant on Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing On Ice, Donovan is gearing up for a different kind of tour.

In February 2025, he will embark on the Doin' Fine 25 Tour, featuring 30 dates across the UK, including cities like Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, and a one-night return to the London Palladium on March 3.

Fans can anticipate a nostalgic journey with hits like Nothing Can Divide Us as Donovan takes to the stage once again.

Tickets for Jason Donovan's Doin' Fine 25 Tour are on sale now.