Death in Paradise star responds after Ralf Little jokes he’s ‘not happy’ about his return

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3 Feb 2024, 11:26

(L-R) Ralf Little, Sean Macguire

Credit: BBC

Ralf Little wasn’t exactly thrilled to lose his Death in Paradise record when the 100th episode called for the return of someone who starred in the very first series all the way back in 2010. 

Sean Maguire will make Death in Paradise history on Sunday night (4th February) when he becomes the only actor to reprise a guest starring role on the BBC series. He’ll return as Marlon Collins in the Caribbean crime series, 14 years after he played the character in the very first episode. 

That means that Sean is the only guest actor to make a comeback, knocking Ralf off the top spot after he played both Will Teague in series two, and, of course, returned to Saint Marie as lead detective Neville Parker in 2020. 

Speaking to and other press, the Two Pints of Lager actor joked he wasn’t best pleased about losing his title. 

He joked: “I sort of know Sean [Maguire] a little bit from all just from being in the industry 20 odd years. I was really looking forward to seeing him again, but that does now make Sean the second person to be in Death in Paradise twice, and I'm really not happy about that whatsoever. 

“I held that record, although I'm the only person who's been in as two different characters. He's the same character, so I've still got that little edge, but I’m not happy about that.”

Despite the slight annoyance at losing his Death in Paradise title, Ralf only had love to share about Sean, adding: “He was absolutely fantastic. Fabulous guy, fabulous actor, I think his performance is brilliant.”

Meanwhile, Sean himself was bowled over by the “ nice nugget of information,” but was more thrilled to join Ralf on set. 

When asked him about Ralf being less than impressed about losing his title, Sean replied: “I’ve got to say, what an amazing number one on the call sheet. There’s an unwritten rule that if you're number one on the call sheet, it's a bit like being the captain of the football team. 

“You've got to just do this job as an actor but you also have to make sure…if number one behaves well, it makes it much harder for anybody else to be a bit silly and start ‘I'm not coming out of my trailer’ nonsense.”

He continued: “Ralph was just a real pro, a really generous actor. I had a really lovely time with him. The whole cast, though, just such us incredibly sweet bunch.”

Death in Paradise’s milestone 100th episode will see Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) celebrate 50 years on the force, before being left fighting for his life as he’s dramatically shot by a mysterious assassin. Will he survive?

The episode will feature an array of guest stars including Outlander’s Leon Herbert, Cathy Tyson from Boiling Point and Andor’s Mensah Bediako.

Death in Paradise returns to BBC One and iPlayer on Sunday 4th February.