Dancing on Ice's Miles Nazaire admits 'jealousy' over Vanessa Bauer skating with others

Virgin Radio

11 Jan 2024, 11:41

Miles Nazaire and Vanessa Bauer on Dancing on Ice

Credit: Getty

Made in Chelsea star Miles Nazaire has revealed he’s already getting "jealous" of his Dancing on Ice partner Vanessa.

The couple - who have been paired together to compete in the 2024 edition of the popular celebrity competition - spoke exclusively to virginradio.co.uk at the Dancing on Ice launch event, ahead of their debut on the ice.

“I’ve got a newfound respect for ice skaters, it’s insane what they can do,” Miles shared when asked about his experience training for the programme. “I mean, obviously you’ve seen [Vanessa] perform, but every time I see her skate I’m like ‘Wow’.

“I get a bit jealous as well,” the reality TV star admitted. “When she dances with someone else I’m like ‘Stop dancing with the pro!’ like, ‘I’m your pro! Stick with me, I’m the pro now.’”

Amused, Vanessa added: “You’re slowly becoming a pro,” and Miles proudly replied: “Once you did say [to me] ‘For a split second, you felt like a pro.’”

Miles and Vanessa have already been visited in training by Dancing on Ice judges and former Olympians Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, an experience Miles found very useful.

“Chris has given me a few tips,” he explained. Vanessa added: “Chris liked to give a few tips to celebrities who really want to work hard, and he could see that Miles was taking it really seriously.”

On the topic of injuries - an issue which has seen Dancing on Ice 2024 lose one celebrity and one professional skater already - the pair shared they’d successfully managed to avoid any problems so far.

“I think we’re doing a good job at looking after ourselves,” Vanessa said. “We are taking care of our physical health, same as our mental health. It all belongs together.”

Miles added: “We also know what days to push it, what days to pull back. I think [Vanessa]’s been amazing with that, she understands the ice, she’s one with the ice. And she understands when you know, I’m maybe a bit tired and when we need to like: ‘Okay, let’s not do it today. Tomorrow we’ll attack it again.’”

Dancing on Ice begins airing on ITV1 and ITVX on Sunday, 14th January, at 6.30pm.