James May reveals what he finds funny ‘like an eight-year-old does’

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11 Jan 2024, 09:14

James May on the Spooning podcast

In the latest episode of the Spooning with Mark Wogan podcast, James May talks about his “failings as a human being”, why he can’t drink martinis, and his noisy stomach. 

The podcast, hosted by the son of the late Sir Terry Wogan and owner of Homeslice Pizza, launched late last year. The latest episode - which you can listen to wherever you get your podcasts and also watch on Virgin Radio’s YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok channels - features The Grand Tour and Top Gear star James, and is out today. 

Fresh from the release of his new series, James May: Our Man in India, the TV star joined Mark to eat, drink and chat.  ”I have quite disruptive guts,” he said. “I've always had quite a noisy stomach.” 

Continuing, he said: “I'm nearly 61 years old, but I still really enjoy burping, just as a form of self-entertainment. And I like trying to say words whilst I burp, and I do it at home a lot, and it annoys Sarah, my other half. And sometimes I forget that I'm out and I just say ‘hello’ with a burp, because I find it funny like an eight-year-old does!”

When Mark said: “We are all a certain age in our head. I think I've never progressed beyond, really, 25,” James responded: “See, I think I'm about 12, actually, maybe 13.”

Further into the conversation, James spoke about “one of my failings as a human being,” saying: “I have quite a few interests and quite a few hobbies that I dabble in, and I don't do any one of them seriously enough, and I'm not good enough at any of them. So, I can make things on a lathe, and I can do woodwork, and I can play the piano, and I can cook a bit, and there's lots of other things I can do a bit.” 

He added: “I think I'm just a dabbler, and it's a slightly despicable quality.”

When Mark offered James a glass of martini, he recoiled a little, and told a story about an experience he once had with the drink as a teenager during which he “must have drunk a whole bottle, or maybe two bottles,” and was “violently sick in somebody's garden” on the way home. 

“I felt terrible for days, which doesn't really happen when you're young. Normally a hangover is gone by lunchtime, but I must have made myself seriously ill,” he explained.

James added that, when he was a magazine car journalist, he went to a launch event for a new car in Italy, and a trip was organised for the group. “They put us on a bus and took us off, and we got to the Martini factory!

“I said, ‘I'm really sorry, I can't even look at the building!' I just had to go for a walk around the streets.”

When Mark Wogan joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about Spooning, he told Chris: “What we do is, before somebody comes on, they answer a little questionnaire about their food loves, their food hates, and then we build a little menu. And we work towards a moment where I blindfold them, and we feed them a spoon of something they say they love, and then a spoon of something they say they don't like. But what's interesting is, when you remove sight from the equation, most people can't tell what they're eating.”

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