'Why have they ended it there?' - The Traitors episode four cliffhanger leads to fan theories

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11 Jan 2024, 08:18

The fourth episode of The Traitors brought yet more drama and a big twist.

There are spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Traitors series two, episode four yet.

This new instalment follows the third episode of the hit BBC show, which ended on a mega cliffhanger, as the roundtable revote sought to decide whether Traitor Ash or pure bag of nerves Brian would be banished. With only Anthony's vote pending, the episode concluded, leaving viewers on tenterhooks.

We learned at the very start of the latest instalment on Wednesday 10th January, that Brian was voted out. This meant it was four Faithfuls gone, no Traitors out.

This left the awkward situation of Ash meeting up with her fellow Traitors, after Paul and Harry stitched her up by voting for her. The remaining Traitor, Miles, didn’t vote for her. 

After the Traitors kind of made amends (seemingly, anyway), host Claudia Winkleman delivered the twist, by telling them that there would be no murder that night, but that they instead needed to pick four people to “condemn” to the dungeon, with one of them set to be murdered the next night. 

They chose to put Paul and Ash in, and therefore put everyone off the scent, along with Faithfuls Meg and Andrew.

At breakfast, the Faithful lot learned from Claudia that no-one was murdered, but that one of them would be gone later. Theories started flying around the breakfast table, with Paul’s name being touted for pretty much the first time. 

The mission saw the remaining players split into teams and dig through a pile of earth to grab nuggets of gold, then get them across a broken bridge and place them onto weighing scales. Whichever team banked them most gold would be able to save one of the condemned from murder.

The winning team chose to save Andrew. 

It was then time for the first round-table, and things got emotional with accusations flying around left, right and centre, before Ash became the first Traitor to be banished.  

Presumably this means that the Traitors will have to murder Meg in the next episode, although this has yet to happen.

Meanwhile, as Ash prepared to inform the rest of the players as to her status as a Traitor, the credits rolled. 

Fans took to social media to question why the episode ended before Ash had said she was a Traitor. One wrote: “Hold on. Why have they ended it there? We already know she’s a traitor. There’s something going on.”

One fan speculated: “I think Ash is going to throw Paul under the bus as she leaves - that is why it was a cliffhanger end.  Only reason because we know she is a traitor. Really hoping she does because Paul is arrogant, narcissistic and not a very nice person.”

A viewer said: “Why did the episode end like that? Surely there has to be a final twist in what she says next?”

Someone else guessed: "Anyone else think that cliffhanger is because Ash says she's a faithful?"

The Traitors continues tonight, Thursday 11th January, on BBC One at 9pm. You can watch the first four episodes on BBC iPlayer now.