‘A real education’ - Andrea Corr tells Ryan Tubridy what working in a pub taught her

Virgin Radio

11 Jan 2024, 07:40

Ryan Tubridy talks to Andrea Corr.

Before The Corrs became massively successful across the globe, Andrea Corr was pulling pints in her auntie’s pub, and she has told Virgin Radio’s Ryan Tubridy that she has “brilliant recollections” of those days.

Andrea and her siblings/bandmates Caroline, Jim and Sharon are from Dundalk, County Louth in Ireland, where their aunt’s pub was also located. Talking on Ryan’s mid-morning show about those early days, the lead singer said: “Brilliant recollections. To be honest, I would have done that for free. I loved that job. We started working in the pub, obviously pulling pints and all that kind of thing. 

Jim and Sharon started playing there as a duo before the two younger sisters joined them to form a quartet. “It was our auntie's pub and there was music and all of that,” Andrea said. “So, there was a lot of stuff that led to where we were going in life. But at the same time, we had such craic together.”

The musician told Ryan that working in the pub environment was “a real education, as well, for a young woman getting to know how to handle yourself around boozy men.” 

She added: “I love people watching. So it was an ideal scenario for me.”

Having formed in 1991, The Corrs split in 2006, having garnered worldwide acclaim. They reunited in 2015, and their most recent tour took place last year. When Ryan asked where The Corrs are most popular, the singer said: “They love us in the Philippines. They really do. We had like two amazing nights there and we could have done more. It's an incredible audience. But as was Indonesia, and then Australia was one of the first, along with Ireland… Ireland and Australia, for our music, they took to us first.”

On being surprised the first time she heard her band get a mention on Aussie radio, she said: “I remember going there for the first time and I'd get to the hotel and I'm washing my hair and doing whatever I do, and then I hear on the radio, ‘The Corrs are in town!’

“So there's real, kind of, almost pivotal moments in our lives and career that were in Australia.”

Speaking about future plans for The Corrs, following successful tour dates in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Philippines in 2023, the Irish artist told Ryan: “I think we’re very likely to do more of that. And probably closer to home.” Read more here.

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