'This can happen to any of us' - After the Flood's creators on drama's 'important' real-life message

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8 Jan 2024, 16:34

After the Flood cast

Credit: ITV

The cast and creators of ITV’s After the Flood have opened up about the drama’s important real-life message.

After the Flood stars Peaky Blinders and Happy Valley’s Sophie Rundle as PC Joanna Marshall, a young police officer who becomes obsessed with solving the mystery behind the death of a man who is found dead in a lift in a flooded underground carpark.

Based on a fictional set of events which follow the flooding of a northern town, alongside being a gripping murder mystery, the show aims to tell a story which reminds people of the real-life problems which face people in communities which are increasingly threatened by flooding.

“We’re not here to lecture, we’re not even doing a factual programme,” After the Flood’s executive producer Nicola Shindler stressed at the drama’s launch event in December 2023. “[But] what’s so brilliant is Mick [Ford, the show’s writer] wrote a really compelling story with great characters that’s got human warmth that you want to stay around for, but it’s telling something really important as well.”

Referencing something which has only become more relevant in the last month for many, especially following the flooding which followed last week’s Storm Henk, Nicola continued: “There are communities like [the fictional Waterside] all over the country who are kind of left behind because once the news of the flood goes, then we move on to the next crisis…

“To put that on screen just felt really important to do, as well as a great opportunity to make something really entertaining,” she added.

The drama writer's Mick Ford also opened up about his choice to centre the effects of climate change on real-life places in the UK in this drama. “It’s our world now, this can happen to any of us, has happened to [some] of us,” he shared.

“Just a little while ago, that wasn’t true. So I think that just releases the story a bit, and hopefully there’s no lecturing about it. It’s integral to the story, and a story that could happen to every person watching.”

After the Flood begins airing on ITV1 and ITVX of Wednesday 10th January, at 9pm.