The Traitors fans react in disbelief at contestants' 'hilarious' actual lodgings

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8 Jan 2024, 14:32

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors castle

Credit: BBC

Fans of The Traitors can’t get over the truth about where its contestants sleep every evening.

Confirmation that none of the show’s cast spend the night at the show’s impressive castle setting was given by the program’s US host Alan Cumming while he was talking with Daily Beast.

As the reality TV show makes clear, every night all the contestants are driven away from Ardross Castle in Alness, but now the host has revealed exactly where they’re all being taken and it's still taking viewers by surprise. “Spoiler alert: None of us stayed in the castle,” Alan said. 

“[The contestants] all stayed in the airport hotel in the Inverness airport,” he continued. “How glamorous - you come to Scotland, and you stay in the Inverness airport hotel.”

Elaborating on where he stayed as a host of the show, Alan said: “I stayed in a little house in Inverness.” He also added that he did have a room in the castle where he was made up and dressed for the show, but that this bedroom was still never used for overnight stays.

Responding to Alan’s revelation that The Traitors contestants are housed in far more modern accommodation than the aesthetics of the show suggest, viewers took to social media to share how amused they were at the reality of the program’s lodgings.

“[This] is hilarious,” comented one person on X (formerly Twitter). “I was wondering where they actually stayed.”

Another posted: “Omg, I always imagined they all stayed in individual little cottages on the castle estate somewhere - this is way less romantic than I thought.”

X user Charles Shires had an interesting anecdote to share which may shed further light on the filming. “I was staying here back in May 2022, no idea if it was for traitors s1, but they had guards on each corridor by all the lifts checking on people leaving their rooms,” they revealed.

Charles also added: “They said it was for the filming of a reality show, but refused to tell me which one. Lovely hotel to be fair!”

Series two of The Traitors UK continues this week, with three new episodes airing on BBC One on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 9pm. All three episodes will be released on BBC iPlayer on Wednesday, 10th January.

The Traitors US season two’s first three episodes will be released on BBC iPlayer on Friday, 12th January.