Amanda Abbington seeks answers, demanding Strictly training footage with Giovanni Pernice amid legal consultation

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8 Jan 2024, 13:17


Amanda Abbington's seeks out backstage footage from her time on Strictly Come Dancing, having allegedly been diagnosed with PTSD after her experiences with dance partner Giovanni Pernice.

Amanda Abbington, known for her roles in Mr Selfridge and Sherlock, has reportedly taken a legal stance, demanding access to footage from her Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals with former partner Giovanni Pernice.

The actress, who withdrew from the competition last October citing 'personal reasons', seeks to unravel the mystery behind her departure and gain insights into the dynamics of their training sessions.

The unfolding saga takes a new turn as Amanda, having exited the show, has allegedly approached the BBC with a data subject access request, requesting access to footage captured during her training sessions with Giovanni Pernice.

This legal manoeuvre suggests a quest for transparency, aiming to shed light on the reality of what transpires behind the scenes of the widely popular Strictly Come Dancing.

A source disclosed to The Sun: "The BBC have received a request for the footage they hold of Amanda and Giovanni. It is known as a data subject access request.

"There is a feeling that the recordings will lift the lid on what really goes on behind the scenes on Strictly. Things in rehearsals can become very tense."

Another, alleged friend of the actress, also mentioned to The Sun that Amanda was supposedly ‘really stressed by having to spend eight hours a day with Giovanni’, and ‘spent a lot of time crying’.

Though the mystery around what truly happened during her time with Giovanni has continued to be questioned, as some reports from people who worked on the show, at the time, suggested that: "All you'd see at the studio were the pair of them hugging and kissing."

Adding a further contradiction to the developing situation, is the fact that Amanda initially dismissed the claims that the pair were not getting along as 'bulls****' and told people to, 'Shut up, it's b******s' on Insatgram.

Similarly, Giovanni took to the platform after Amanda's exit, seemingly expressing thoughts of support and affection: "Amanda ..I am so sad we can’t continue but I am proud of what we achieved and I am sending you so much love ♥️."

The insider hinted at the potential revelation of the intense and high-pressure atmosphere during the training, particularly noting Giovanni Pernice's reputation as a 'perfectionist'.

It is not the first time that Pernice's perceived 'militant and aggressive' approach towards training has caused issues with his partners on the show.

In another story from The Sun, four former partner's of Pernice's have had difficulty with the professional.

A second star, Good Morning Britain's Ravnir Singh, also complained about Pernice while on the show, and ex-Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore has said of her time with him in 2016 that: “I’m still not ready to talk in depth about my experience on the show."

Giovanni had just split from Laura’s friend, ex-Coronation Street actress Georgia May Foote, and Whitmore found herself in 'the middle of someone's break-up' when she 'just wanted to dance', but instead was placed with someone she 'felt extremely uncomfortable with' for '12 hours a day' and felt 'broken, both mentally and physically, by the end.'

According to the initial source to The Sun, the actress 'has been left broken and saddened by the whole experience,' which took her months to overcome.

Allegedly, the stress of spending extensive hours with Giovanni Pernice, described as 'incredibly full-on', leading to emotional turmoil.

The source then continued to claim that the star has since received a diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

At the time the BBC questioned Giovanni, after Amanda requested cameras be present during rehearsals, but found no wrongdoing.

The company has subsequently chosen to remain in support of Giovanni and are currently not wishing to the issue any further.

The actress, alongside Giovanni, participated in the competition for four weeks, showcasing their talents and earning a commendable score of 31 out of 40 for their final dance, the Foxtrot.

However, the journey took an unexpected turn when Amanda had to take a week off during week five due to 'medical reasons'.

This break was followed by her eventual withdrawal from the competition in the subsequent week.

In her statement announcing her exit from Strictly Come Dancing, Amanda expressed gratitude for the experience. She acknowledged the joy of working with her fellow contestants, the production team, and everyone associated with the show. Despite her sadness at being unable to continue, she thanked the audience for their votes, wonderful messages, and inspiring support.

in her own words she said: "It was an absolute joy working with my fellow contestants, they are a beautiful, hardworking and talented group of people who I love and who I will miss seeing every Friday and Saturday and competing alongside.

"I want to thank the incredible Production team and everyone on Strictly who looked after me and who are so kind and caring. It’s a wonderful bunch of people and I’ll miss all of them.

"I’m so sad that I am unable to go any further. Thank you to everyone who voted and who sent wonderful messages and inspiring support. You are all amazing. Truly. Thank you. xxx."

As Amanda Abbington delves into the legal realm seeking access to training footage, the Strictly Come Dancing saga takes an intriguing twist, leaving fans and onlookers eager to unveil the truth behind the glittering facade of the popular dance competition.

All parties, have been approached for comment by media outlets but as of the time of writing, no one has had anything to further add to this story.