The Tourist series two delivers big plot-twist in episode three

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8 Jan 2024, 09:58

Credit: BBC

The second series of The Tourist has reached its midpoint with episode three, and the mystery and drama certainly continued.

There are spoilers ahead if you haven't seen The Tourist series two, episode three.

With the narrative having picked up 14 months after the events of series one, episode three of series two opened with Elliot Stanley (Jamie Dornan) having a showdown with Frank McDonnell (Francis Magee), during which the latter explains that his children abducted Elliot to help him get something he’s been looking for “for a long time”. He also confirms that Elliot’s real name is Eugene Cassidy.

The action then cuts to Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald) back down in that creepy basement with Ruairi Slater (Conor MacNeill). Wrench in hands, he says he didn’t kill his wife - whose body is down there - but that she died of cancer. He then takes Helen's phone, handcuffs her and locks her in.

Elliot’s mother, Niamh (Olwen Fouéré) rounds up her gang and sets them the task of finding her son. One of them suggests she should return to Abbey House. Despite Niamh having sworn she would never return, she does. She is furious to find bloodstains on the floor, and sets about cleaning them up. We are kept in the dark regarding where… and who… the stains are from.

Meanwhile, Helen’s ex, Ethan (Greg Larsen) turns up in Ireland. Whilst he wants to challenge Elliot/Eugene to some kind of duel, he does come in useful, as his phone has Helen’s last known location. However, all they find is her phone in the woods. They make it to Slater’s house, but Helen remains locked downstairs and the detective talks his way out of it.

The next time Slater goes downstairs, Helen, having escaped her handcuffs, is dressed as his wife. She tells him she wants to cook a meal for him but needs food supplies… and a knife. She has a chance to stab him while the two are dancing(!), but she chooses not to.  He sets her free, and says he’ll be turning himself in once he has buried his wife (not sure we believe this). He tells her that Elliot/Eugene is free and okay.

Lena Pascal (Victoria Haralabidou) meets up with the McDonnells, and is fuming to find that they no longer have Elliot/Eugene. “You should have killed him when you had the chance,” she tells Donal.

While Ethan and Elliot/Eugene are in the pub waiting for more info about where Helen is, some goons come in and try to grab the latter - seemingly on behalf of Frank. A brawl breaks out and the duo escape with the help of an absolutely massive stranger. 

The big guy catches up with them and it turns out that Elliot/Eugene’s mother sent him. They go to Abbey House, to be reunited with Niamh. She hugs him, but he still has zero memory. She tells him that his elder brother died in her arms, after being shot in the stomach at Loch Tama. She says that she “knew in her bones” it was Frank’s son that did it.

The show’s protagonist gets a call from Helen, who is back in the hotel. The two are finally reunited… but the special moment is somewhat ruined by the fact that Ethan is there too! 

Helen tells Elliot/Eugene about the DNA results from the broken whisky bottle. It turns out that, according to the results, Fergal McDonnell is actually his son. Wait… what??? 

One fan took to X to ask what we are all wondering. They wrote: “I thought it was, at best, his little brother, but son?! And who’s the mother? Is she part of the opposite family? #TheTourist”

Someone else wrote: “Well I did not see that coming!!”

You can watch episode four on BBC iPlayer now to find out what happens next.

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