Kelly Osbourne on family's hilarious AI defence plan and safeword suggestion

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14 Dec 2023, 16:51

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In a plot twist that reads like a futuristic sitcom, Kelly Osbourne has unveiled the family's secret weapon against the potential havoc-wreaking powers of artificial intelligence (AI).

Forget high-tech security systems; the Osbournes have a secret code, and it's as quirky as it gets.

The TV personality, known for her candidness, spilled the beans on The Osbournes Podcast, where she was joined by none other than the legendary Ozzy Osbourne and her brother, Jack. While most families might have a secret handshake or a password for the Wi-Fi, the Osbournes have opted for a secret safe word - and it's not your typical hush-hush phrase.

Kelly Osbourne, 39, shared the revelation, highlighting the importance of having a failsafe plan in place. Why? Because in the age of AI, where technology can mimic voices to a tee, there's a genuine concern about potential impersonation and extortion attempts.

In her own words, Kelly explained the need for this unconventional security measure: "Because of AI now, it's really important to have a very secret safe word that you have with your family."

Now, emergency words need to be something that stands out as unusual to your family but casual enough to fit into normal conversation, so that hackers or AI bots can't pick up on it.

In the case of The Osbournes, as anyone who has watched their reality series can tell you, most of their lives involve conversations that would involve fairly out of the ordinary words and topics.

So instead, Kelly Osbourne, in a move that's as unexpected as a rock concert in a library, has suggested the fairly common place word - watermelon.

Yes, you read that right. If someone tries to impersonate a member of the Osbourne family, they better get that watermelon out correctly, or the gig is up.

It's their failsafe, their security blanket in a world where even voices can be duplicated.

The scenario, as Kelly vividly described it, involves AI villains swiping your voice and then making a sinister call to your parents, pretending to have kidnapped you and demanding a hefty ransom. Enter the Osbournes' secret weapon - the Watermelon code.

Kelly Osbourne dished out the details: "But if you have a safe word, whatever it may be, like Watermelon, if the safe word isn't said, or you can't get that word out of them, then you know that it's fake."

There you have it - the Osbourne family's high-tech security, wrapped up in a juicy Watermelon.

In the realm of AI, where machines can mimic voices with alarming accuracy, the concern for identity theft and fraudulent activities looms large.

Kelly's revelation sheds light on the quirky yet practical measures some families are taking to outsmart the tech-savvy criminals of the future.

So, next time you're enjoying a refreshing slice of watermelon, just remember - it might be more than just a delicious fruit; it could be the secret to thwarting an AI impersonation attempt, Osbourne style.

In the words of the Osbournes: "Watermelon, anyone?"