Sheridan Smith fights for survival in gripping official trailer for The Castaways 

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14 Dec 2023, 11:53

Sheridan Smith in The Castaways

Credit: Paramount+

Sheridan Smith has the holiday from hell when she’s stranded on a deserted island in her brand new drama, The Castaways. 

Fans can catch a new glimpse of the Paramount+ series, which will be available to watch from Boxing Day (26th December). 

Sheridan stars as Lori, who sets off on a sun-drenched getaway with sister Erin (Celine Buckens) after going through a rather tumultuous time back home.

After having a massive fight, Lori gets on a plane to Fiji but Erin doesn’t. The latter later learns that neither the plane nor her sister ever made it to their destination.

Months later no wreckage has been located but, when Erin learns that Lori’s credit card has been used on a Fijian island, she recognises the pilot on CCTV footage and makes her way to Fiji to see if she can track her sister down.

Watch the new trailer for The Castaways trailer below:

In the new official trailer just released by Paramount+, Lori is seen getting on the plane solo after being abandoned by Erin, and things quickly deteriorate after the plane enters some dramatic turbulence. 

“The plane vanishes into vapour,” Erin tells a panel of bereaved families. “There isn’t a single sighting. My sister is alive, I can feel it.”

Grappling with her new reality, Lori, left alone with her fellow plane crash survivors on the island, says: “There’s nothing here. We don’t know each other."

“We have to trust each other, to survive,” another character implores. 

Lori throws herself into keeping herself and the other passengers safe, grappling with guns, makeshift spears, and even makes a dangerous leap off a cliff edge to survive. 

“Dead or alive, we’ll get off this island,” Lori insists. 

The narrative timeline on The Castaways flips between Erin’s hunt and Lori’s attempts to survive, as the truth about what went down is gradually revealed, even though someone is prepared to kill to keep it a secret.

In addition to Sheridan and Celine,  The Castaways features Brendan Cowell as the plane’s pilot Mike Brass alongside Lasarus Ratuere as Felix Vatabua. Dominic Tighe plays Daniel Eldridge while Charlotte Vega portrays Amber Gordon.

The Castaways box set is available exclusively on Paramount+ from Boxing Day.