The Apprentice's Tom Skinner on why Lord Sugar shouldn't mess with 'loved' show feature

Virgin Radio

12 Oct 2023, 15:27

Tom Skinner and Lord Sugar

Credit: BBC

Former The Apprentice star Tom Skinner gave his thoughts on some recent show news while popping into Virgin Radio to promote his new book.

Speaking exclusively with about his memoir, Graft: How to Smash Life, the social media star also revealed what he thinks about Lord Sugar’s recent comments about wanting to ‘tone down’ the interview stage of the competition.

“Keep it how it is!” Tom countered when asked if he thinks the change is a good idea. “People love it, to see someone absolutely get rinsed at what they’re talking about, you know.”

Speaking with The Times in May 2023, Lord Sugar revealed he’d thought 2023’s interview segment had ended up being too harsh on the contestants.

“Unfortunately when that was recorded, I wasn’t there. Anyway, I’m not making any excuses. When I saw it in the end, I thought, 'This is too harsh', and we’re going to tone it down now,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s entertaining. It used to be entertaining,” he added though, perhaps suggesting his intention is just to return the feature to its state when Tom himself starred on the show.

As Tom admitted during his interview, he was unlucky (though perhaps a little lucky!) to have missed out on making the interviews by one episode.

“I would have loved it,” he reflected. “‘Cause if someone started giving it to me, I’d give it back to them. I’d have gone ‘Who are you talking to?’”

Adding to why he likes the segment, the 32-year-old said: “I think it makes great TV, and sometimes people need to be put down a peg or two.”

Reminiscing about his fellow contestants on the show, Tom perhaps reflected this attitude when he amusedly explained how he first got along with the cohort of hopeful businesspeople.

“Everyone was telling me how good they was at this, how good they was at that, you know, and I thought ‘Well you can’t be that good because if you was that good, you wouldn’t be here trying to get a quarter of a million quid!'” he joked.

Tom Skinner’s book, Graft: How to Smash Life, is out now. The Apprentice will return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer early in 2024.