Jayne Middlemiss opens up about her anxiety disorder to mark World Mental Health Day

Virgin Radio

12 Oct 2023, 15:27

Jayne Middlemiss

Credit: Virgin Radio / Study Smarter

Virgin Radio presenter Jayne Middlemiss has spoken candidly about her own mental health issues to honour World Mental Health Day on Wednesday 10 October.

Our Jayne told listeners about her anxiety peaking on the renowned day and admitted: 'So it is World Mental Health Day today and I thought that we just talk about it for a bit because, you know, I am a recovering addict and I've also got an anxiety disorder."

She continued: 'In fact, today my anxiety is actually at around 8/10. It's quite high. One of the things I hate doing when I'm feeling this vulnerable is actually admitting it and I think, as a human being, that is the last thing I want to do.

'Weirdly, it is the one thing that people sort of like when I do share it with my friends because what it does is, it connects us to each other because we all feel vulnerable at some point in our life.

'I remember when I hit rock bottom and it was years ago, and I remember at the time I thought, This is the worst place I can ever, ever be. The weird thing about that was it was the greatest moment of my life because there was only one place to go - and that was up. The minute I asked for help and let other people in, I began to climb out and climb up.

Jayne Middlemiss

Credit: Instagram

'So if you are in that point in your life right now where you're struggling and you don't know what to do, talk to somebody. You owe it to the person that you will become, that you will transform into, to just say you need a bit of help.'

The TV and radio star recently opened up about suffering with the menopause. She admitted: 'Being a woman in mid-life, you have to go through something called the menopause. When I was growing up, nobody talked about this. It was like this secret thing that women were sent away to do, and nobody mentioned.

'But now, it’s happening. And I’ll tell you what it’s like - it’s like having 16 different personalities inside your body who are all trapped in a bag, and they’re all fighting to get the microphone. You never know who’s going to show up. And it’s just exhausting!'

At Virgin Radio, we are committed to improving the wellbeing of our audience wherever possible. Whilst we ourselves are not Mental Health experts or qualified to directly assist those in need, we have compiled some useful resources to help point you in the right direction here.