Frasier reboot: Who are the new cast members?

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12 Oct 2023, 12:41

Credit: Paramount+

Frasier is back in the building, but who is with him? 

Having been introduced in sitcom Cheers in 1984, the character of Frasier Crane was given his own series in 1993. It ran for 11 seasons before ending in 2004.

Now, the newly rebooted series premieres in the US on 12th October, and will be available to watch in the UK on Paramount+ on 13th October.

The series will take place back in Boston, where Cheers was set. The synopsis says that the new episodes will follow Frasier "in the next chapter of his life” having left Seattle. 

There will be “new challenges to face, new relationships to forge and an old dream or two to finally fulfil”, but who, aside from Kelsey Grammer’s titular character, will be in the new series?

Who are the new Frasier cast members?

Nicholas Lyndhurst plays Alan Cornwall

This is unquestionably the biggest addition, at least to a UK audience. Alan Cornwall is a friend of Frasier Crane's from their college days, who is now a tenured professor at Harvard University. And he is played by none other than Only Fools and Horses icon, Nicholas Lyndhurst. 

In the classic English sitcom, he played Rodney Trotter, younger brother of Del Boy. 

He is also known for another British comedy, Goodnight Sweetheart, and he starred alongside Kelsey Grammer in the Man of La Mancha for the English National Opera.

Toks Olagundoye plays Olivia

Olivia heads up the psychology department at Harvard University, and is therefore a colleague of Alan Cornwall. 

Toks Olagundoye (pictured, top, with Kelsey Grammer and Nicholas Lyndhurst) has previously been in the likes of Veep, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Rookie.

Jack Cutmore-Scott plays Freddy

Whilst Alan Cornwall is a new character, Freddy, or Frederick, featured in the original series, as Frasier and ex-wife Lilith's son. The actor playing him in the reboot is different to the child actor from back in the day though.

English actor Jack Cutmore-Scott (pictured, top with Kelsey Grammer) has previously been in Kingsman: The Secret Service and Christopher Nolan films Dunkirk, Tenet and, most recently, Oppenheimer.

Jess Salgueiro plays Eve

Freddy's roommate Eve is an aspiring actor who currently works at a local bar. 

Actor Jess Salgueiro, who plays her, has previously been in The Boys, Orphan Black, and Tiny Pretty Things.

Anders Keith plays David

David is another character who appeared in the old series, but only just. 

Niles and Daphne’s son, and therefore Frasier's nephew, David was born right at the very end of season 11. 

Now he’s grown up to be a college freshman who just so happens to have a few of Niles’ mannerisms.

Anders Keith will make his professional Hollywood debut in the role.

Who is returning from the original Frasier cast?

Peri Gilpin plays Roz Doyle

Ah Roz, the subject of many a crush as the producer of Frasier's radio show.

Peri Gilpin will be back as Roz in some capacity for the reboot, although not as a series regular.

Bebe Neuwirth plays Lilith Sternin

Similarly, Frasier’s ex-wife and fellow psychiatrist Lilith will be back.

Bebe Neuwirth will return to play the character, although it is not known exactly how regularly she will feature in the new ten-episode season.

Bebe has also starred alongside Sarah Lancashire in HBO Max original, Julia.

And... Kelsey Grammer plays Frasier Crane


Who from the main original Frasier cast won't be returning? 

Sadly, the new series won't feature David Hyde Pierce, as Niles. Kelsey Grammer said that that actor “basically decided he wasn’t really interested in repeating the performance of Niles.” 

Jane Leeves' Daphne will not be back for season either.

Sadly, John Mahoney, who played Martin, died in 2018 at the age of 77.

If you need a refresher on how the original series ended, check out our handy guide.

Frasier premieres on 12th October in the US and on 13th October in the UK on Paramount+.