Celebrity Race Across The World: Fans urge Harry Judd to listen to ‘struggling’ mum Emma

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12 Oct 2023, 09:55

Credit: BBC

Celebrity Race Across The World viewers were concerned about Harry Judd’s mum Emma after she battled against exhaustion on the fourth leg of the journey. 

On last night’s episode (11th October), McFly drummer Harry, already plagued with illness, endured the coach journey from hell with the support of mum Emma, but the pair were faced with a relentless stream of disturbances, from coughing passengers to loud music playing through a fellow traveller’s headphones and unpleasant smelling food.

After the disastrous 19-hour journey, Harry and Emma then went straight into a shift mopping a superyacht, which left the matriarch feeling flat out. 

She revealed to the cameras: “I’m tired today. I’m pushing myself and I’m struggling a bit. I’ve got to stand up for myself a bit more and say, ‘No I’m not doing this.’ Just be more assertive perhaps?”

Musician Harry wanted to reach the next checkpoint in Bosnia, 300km away, before the other teams, but Emma ended up putting her foot down, wanting to find a hostel to rest first. 

While Harry agreed to the stopover, he warned his mum they’d need to get a quick job done to replenish the money spent on the hostel. Clearly expelling too much energy, Emma scrubbed the boat floors until she couldn’t scrub any more, and ended up taking a nap on a sofa. 

Realising he might’ve made a mistake, Harry said: “I worried I pushed Mum too hard: she’s slowly deteriorating. But I’m happy to finish it off.”

Despite pushing through and resting up, Emma and Harry were still the first to arrive at the checkpoint, and Harry vowed to listen to his mum more. 

He added: “I should take a leaf out of Mum’s book.”

Fans wanted Harry to have that realisation much earlier in the episode, with many taking to social media platform X (or Twitter) to beg the All About You hitmaker to ease up on making Emma travel while exhausted. 

One viewer commented: “#CelebrityRaceAcrossTheWorld Feel sorry for Harry’s mum, she’s being pushed beyond her comfort zone. Being first is really not that big a deal, Harry, it’s about sharing time with your travelling companion."

“Finally Harry has seen a bit of sense,” said another. 

A third commented: “Harry tis [sic] a bit too obsessed with coming first when no one is getting eliminated, and the postions can change at the drop of a hat. You've only got to come first on the last leg. #CelebrityRaceAcrossTheWorld.”

Meanwhile, other fans were pleased to see the relationship between Harry and Emma grow. 

One fan remarked: “I love Harry and his Mum’s relationship the way that they discuss their difficulties/things that are irritating them with/about each other is SO respectful  #RaceAcrossTheWorld #CelebrityRaceAcrossTheWorld

Celebrity Race Across the World continues Wednesday, 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.