Eddy Steady Cook: Maltese tuna melt omelette sandwich

Virgin Radio

12 Oct 2023, 09:01

Eddy Temple-Morris' Maltese tuna melt omelette sandwich.

Virgin Radio presenter Eddy Temple-Morris has got another mouth-watering recipe for you. This time it’s a Maltese tuna melt omelette sandwich. Here, he explains how to make it:

I’ve been really inspired by street-food vendors and follow a lot on YouTube, especially those from South Korea and India. It’s having an effect and I’m starting to think about classic sandwiches, but done in the style of these marvellous Asian hawkers. 

In that spirit, say hello to the national sandwich of Malta - the marvellous ‘Ftira b’zeit’ - given a streetfood twist. It’s a really delicious weekend lunch favourite and you can substitute fried mushrooms for the tuna if you’re veggie and it’ll be really good. 

Ingredients for two sandwiches:

1 tin or bottle of tuna (as high quality as you feel you can afford. You get what you pay for with tuna)

4 slices of bread

Half a red onion very thinly sliced

Two handfuls of grated cheese 

Two sprinkles of sliced olives 

Olive oil

4 eggs

Salt and pepper 


First fry the bread in a little olive oil until golden and crunchy on one side. Then put to one side. 

Now, beat together and season two eggs to make an omelette, put the rest of the ingredients on the middle of the omelette - starting with cheese - sharing the tuna - then fold the sides to make it as oblong as you can. 

Put ketchup on one slice (soft side) and mayo on the other. 

Then put one slice, sauce down, on the omelette and flip it. Let it fry for a minute and put the other slice on then flip it again and fry for another minute. 

Serve immediately and repeat for the second sandwich. It doesn’t take long! 

You end up with a beautifully crispy sandwich with the ooze of cheese and the bite of red onion. The ketchup replaces the traditional tomato purée in the original sandwich and the mayo gives some creaminess, plus it’s what a Korean street hawker would do for sure!

Hope you enjoy!

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