Eddy's Good News: The unsung environmental champions and an exciting treasure in painting

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12 Oct 2023, 11:28

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Thursday 12th October 2023

Credit: Forest Green Rovers

Let’s say hello to the unsung environmental champions, from the world of sport who’ve been honoured by The Green Sport awards, run in collaboration with the Sport Positive Summit and now in year two, to celebrate and give credit to the sports people and organisations that use their platforms to encourage climate and environment action and awareness. 

Athlete of the Year was aussie cricket captain Pat Cummins, for his Cricket For Climate Foundation. British cross-country champ Innes FitzGerald won the Young Athlete of the year award after turning down an international event over her concerns about the impact of flying. Innes said she felt privileged to have been recognised. “I never set out to achieve awards from this,” said the 17-year-old. “I just wanted to raise awareness about climate-related issues within the athletics and sporting world, and try to get up-and-coming athletes to think about what they’re doing and their impacts on the climate.”

And in the footballing world, Forest Green Rovers, dubbed the ‘greenest football club in the world’ by Fifa, was named Elite Organisation of the Year. 

See the full list of winners via the link below.

Via: bbc.com

Credit: Sothebys- The Adoration of the Magi by Rembrandt

It’s always exciting when a painting believed to be worth a small amount turns out to be worth a fortune, it’s like the last thing on Antiques Roadshow, it fills the heart with joy and no more so than for a ten inch black and white study of The Adoration Of the Magi (that’s the three Kings turning up to Jesus birth). 

Until now it was purported to be by a contemporary of Rembrandt, sold for what you’d expect to pay for a half decent second hand car in the 80s. It went up for auction in Amsterdam in 2021 and despite its valuation of $15,000 it sold for $860,000 because a hot rumour was circling among the cognoscenti that it was actually an early work by Rembrandt himself.

Sure enough thorough research into its provenance has revealed it is by the Dutch Master himself and from the very beginning of his career, but shows even then, how ambitious he was.

This rather changes things and makes the $860,000 spent on it a mere snip as the valuation is now over seven times that, at $18 million! It’s going under the hammer at Sotheby’s just in case you curate a museum.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org