Paddy McGuinness reveals his career fears ahead of Don’t Look Down: ‘I’m looking for the next thing’

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10 Oct 2023, 14:59

Credit: Channel 4

Paddy McGuinness might be leading a whole new team of celebs on the daredevil series Don’t Look Down for Stand Up 2 Cancer, but the telly star has confessed it’s not just heights that he’s fearful of. 

The Top Gear star is not only the host of Don’t Look Down but also the leader of a pack of stars tasked with walking a high-wire 300 feet above London.

In order to train for the never-before-attempted challenge, the Question of Sport host and the stars travelled to the Austrian Alps with high-wire experts. That training included a number of death-defying stunts and adrenaline-fuelled challenges. 

Not only is Paddy about to lead a team of brave celebs across a high wire, but he’s also set to be the new host of Inside the Factory, as well as returning presenter of Question of Sport and I Can See Your Voice. 

If it feels like the Take Me Out star has more 24 hours in a day than we all do, that’s because of his “fear” of not being able to work again. 

Speaking to and other press, we asked Paddy how he manages to keep juggling all of his projects, and it seems his upbringing has a lot to do with it. 

Paddy explained: “I do think being working class, it's in you. I left school and it was just…you just have that thing of that constant fear of if it stops, what do I do next? I think that's in any job. You just constantly have that in your mind, so I've always been quite driven in that sense. 

“I've always been looking at the next thing even when I'm on a show that's really successful. I'm always looking at the next thing or trying to create something myself and that's maybe why I've been doing it over 20 years and touch wood it's been alright.”

Joking about his adrenaline-fuelled new venture in Don’t Look Down, Paddy added: “They're trying to kill me off on this show but I'm alright at the minute, surviving it.”

The likes of Beverley Callard, former footballer Anton Ferdinand and former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt joined Paddy for training in the mountains, alongside sports pundit and Love Island finalist Chris Hughes, French football icon David Ginola, adventurer and motoring expert Charley Boorman, TikTok star GK Barry, content creator and comedian Fats Timbo and Olympic champion cyclist and jockey Victoria Pendleton

Stand Up 2 Cancer has a special place in Paddy’s heart. His father died from colon cancer, and his brother was previously diagnosed with leukaemia, and it was the hard work of those at Stand Up 2 Cancer that encouraged the star to not only take part, but to lead the fundraising series. 

Paddy continued: “My thing with Stand Up to Cancer, especially with the raising money, is I, hope, touch word, that within all of our lifetimes, they'll have cracked the cure. I'm all about the research, and the more money that can be pumped into that, the better. My brother had leukaemia and he's still with us. But with him, and this is kind of a good thing, I don't even think about it anymore. How he lives his life….I'm glad I don't think about it with him. 

“Imagine waking up in the morning…and seeing that headline? They finally found a cure to cancer. It'll be mind-blowing, it will be amazing. That's the hope, the more people chuck a little bit of money in the better.”

Don’t Look Down for SU2C begins on Tuesday 10th October at 9.30pm on Channel 4

For more information on Stand Up To Cancer and to find out how you can support the cause, visit or