Big Brother preview: Will a surprise task bring Jenkins’ suitcase back? 

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10 Oct 2023, 13:56

Credit: ITV

It’s day three in the Big Brother house, and it seems the housemates have just one chance to get Jenkin back his beloved suitcase!

Fans watching along at home definitely felt for the Welsh bartender, who watched his belongings blow up within the opening moments of the show after being picked as having “the worst dress sense” by Kerry. 

In a new preview clip shared by the official Big Brother X account, the housemates wake up to another day, but as they tuck into breakfast, it’s clear Big Brother has plenty in store for day three. 

In the living room, the ominous BB voice says: “This is Big Brother. Housemates, the key to living harmoniously in my house is to know each other inside out. And in today’s case top and tail.”

“Can all the housemates make themselves comfy in the big bed? The last housemate in bed will win a very special treat,” Big Brother adds. 

All of the housemates then get into Big Brother’s Big Bed, situated in the middle of the living room. If a housemate gets out of the bed or falls asleep, they are immediately disqualified.

Literally seconds after the task begins, Henry gets out of the bed and says: “Well, I’m not very comfortable so I’m going to get out.”

Henry’s not alone in his feelings though as he’s soon followed by Jordan. Farida says: “Jordan we love you.”

Jordan replies: “Thanks. You’re all good too but I don’t want to be in a bed with you all.”

Throughout the day, Big Brother tries to tempt housemates out of the bed with a number of treats including a cheeseboard, a coffee, a peanut butter smoothie “similar to the one that Matt has had every day for the past 6 years.”

For poor Jenkin, who has dealt with living without hot water and witnessing his own clothes being incinerated, things might start to look up as the winning items include some of his precious belongings that were not burnt to a crisp. 

Which housemates have the endurance to stay in Big Brother’s Big Bed the longest?

Meanwhile, tensions seem to rise between Olivia and Yinrun mount in the kitchen.

“You say sorry for everything, you don’t need to. Don’t apologise for being you!,” the Scottish dancer yells across the counter. 

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX everyday (Sunday-Friday) from 9pm.