Celebrity Race Across The World fans hail Harry Judd’s mum Emma as a ‘national treasure’

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28 Sep 2023, 09:06

Credit: BBC

There seems to be a new favourite star of Celebrity Race Across The World. 

McFly drummer Harry Judd and mum Emma took on the second leg of their 10,000km journey last night (Wednesday 27th September), and the duo, along with their fellow celebrity pairings, raced to reach the checkpoint in Bonifacio, Corsica. 

The episode turned into a rather emotional one for Harry, who opened up sweet letters given to him by his wife Izzy and their three children. The letters also contained photos, which didn’t exactly help stop the waterworks. 

It was also a tearful moment for mum Emma while sat next to Harry, who reflected on her own parenthood, and the day her musician son decided to leave home. 

“I felt a real loss”, she said. “I as a mother had to step back, and I had to let go. Gosh, being with Harry now, I’m going to see the mature Harry, which I haven’t had the chance to get to know.”

Mum Emma’s sweet nature, caring ways and enthusiasm for experiencing new cultures clearly struck a chord with the viewers watching at home, who rushed to social media to share their love for the wholesome exchanges Emma had with her famous son. 

“I don't think anyone has ever ascended to national treasure status as fast as Harry Judd's mum has. #RaceAcrossTheWorld,” one fan wrote on X (better known as Twitter). 

Another commented: “I love Emma, so much positivity and gentle humour. Harry clearly gets his sweet nature from her too. I think they’re my faves #RaceAcrossTheWorld.”

A third noted that both Emma and Alex Beresford's dad Noel have the same sweet energy, writing: “In fact, if Emma and Noel were a team I’d just burst. Imagine how lovely they’d be to watch with their philosophical take on delays and appreciation of everything around them #RaceAcrossTheWorld”

Earlier in the episode, Harry grew tearful while thinking about his family back home. 

After reading the letters and looking through a selection of photos of himself and his kids, an emotional Harry admits he “wasn’t quite ready” to start reminiscing about life at home. 

“I think maybe in hindsight, reading them after four hours of sleep on a night bus probably wasn’t the best idea!,” he said. 

Harry and Izzy share three youngsters together, Lola, Kit and Lockie, and while reflecting on how his outlook has changed since becoming a father, Harry explained: “When I was 17 and I left home and just told my parents I was leaving school, leaving home and joining a band, I just didn’t really consider how they felt. 

“Now I have kids, I can understand what sort of impact that must have had on my mum.”

Celebrity Race Across The World continues on Wednesdays on BBC One at 9pm. 



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