Neighbours' Mischa Barton and Stefan Dennis reveal their British TV guilty pleasures

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21 Sep 2023, 15:00

Mischa Barton and Stefan Dennis

Credit: Getty

Neighbours is an uber popular television show in the UK - but what are its stars’ favourite UK TV guilty pleasures?

Well, speaking exclusively with to celebrate the launch of Neighbours’ rebooted series, Mischa Barton and Stefan Dennis were both happy to reveal their picks for shows they most like to watch that are made in the UK.

“When I come over here, I like watching things like The Repair Shop,” Mischa - who was born in the UK but raised in New York - revealed.

The former The O.C. actress who moved out to Australia in order to join the cast of Neighbours for the rebooted series continued: “I also really like the one about your history” in reference to the show Who Do You Think You Are?

Meanwhile, Paul Robinson actor Stefan revealed his favourite British TV show feels like “a guilty secret.”

“My wife’s going to hate me for saying this,” he said, in reference to, Gail Easdale, who is Scottish and who he met while filming in the UK. 

“I have a guilty secret: Bargain Hunt,” the 64-year-old then admitted, leading Mischa to laugh. “If I want to be a little more sophisticated: Antiques Roadshow,” the actor added.

Turning to the topic of British music, Stefan revealed his love for the English rock band Uriah Heep, explaining they have been one of his "favourite bands since I was 16."

“And I fulfilled a lifelong dream of not just meeting and getting to know the guys a little bit - I hung out with them for a while - but they all signed my motorcycle,” Stefan revealed. 

“So yeah, that was a bit of a dream come true when it comes to music… and to this day, I still love their music,” he added.

Neighbours is airing now every Monday to Thursday on Amazon Freevee.