Celebrity Race Across The World fans name their front-runners following tense first episode

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21 Sep 2023, 12:36

Credit: BBC

Viewers watching Celebrity Race Across The World reckon there’s one team who already stand out as the front runners of the series. 

The hotly-anticipated celeb spin-off from the massively popular Race Across The World kicked off last night (Wednesday 21st September), and saw the four teams begin their challenge to go from Marrakech, Morocco, to Tromsø, Norway. 

McFly drummer Harry Judd and his mum Emma are taking part, while weather presenter Alex Beresford and his dad Noel form another team. 

Also in the new show is Mel Blatt from iconic 90s pop group All Saints, who has teamed up with her mum Helene, while British racing driver and pundit Billy Monger has joined forces with his sister Bonny.

The six-part series features the teams on their journey spanning 24 countries and over 10,000km. The teams are tasked with getting from one location to another in each episode, only without taking a flight and with no mod cons such as phones and internet access. 

During the first episode, the stars were told they had to make their way out of Morocco, and despite only having a small budget, some stars chose to kick off their journey’s by taxi, leaving the viewers less than impressed just moments into the new series. 

However, one celeb appears to already be beating the pack when it comes to their Race Across The World journey. 

Racing driver Billy Monger and sister Bonny are charging ahead according to some fans, with the British F4 star, who lost both his legs in a terrifying car crash in 2017, impressing the viewers with his determination. 

One viewer wrote via X (or Twitter): “Billy is so mentally strong  - that rushing around must have been painful - such an admirable and lovely guy with great back up from Bonny #CelebrityRaceAcrossTheWorld.”

Meanwhile, another fan said: “Team Billy & Bonnie for me after this episode. #CelebrityRaceAcrossTheWorld.”

A third commented: “Definitely team Billy and Bonnie. I hope he doesn’t hurt himself though. I presume they got advice before doing it #CelebrityRaceAcrossTheWorld.”

“Early favourites for me in #celebrityraceacrosstheworld definitely @BillyMonger and Bonny. Grounded and realistic young folk. Go team!” suggested another.

Speaking ahead of the series launch, Billy shared his excitement for the massive challenge, saying in a statement at the time: "We’ve spoken about travelling before, but it would probably be a little bit different to what I imagine this is going to be like - in terms of doing everything on such a budget and staying in hostels and being tight on money for food.

"With this opportunity, I spoke to Bon about it, and she said it could be quite cool. So, we sat down and watched the previous series and got more and more into it and then decided why not!”

Celebrity Race Across The World continues on Wednesdays on BBC One at 9pm.