NTAs: Sam Ryder on Emmy nomination and Ted Lasso spin-off

Virgin Radio

6 Sep 2023, 16:17

Sam Ryder at NTAs

Credit: Virgin Radio/Rex

Sam Ryder speaks of his ambitions after Eurovision, amidst excitement of presenting award at NTAs and Emmy nomination announcement, could this mean a spin off for Ted Lasso?

Exclusively speaking to virginradio.co.uk from the red carpet of the NTAs (National Television Awards) the Space Man singer and top performing Eurovision star Sam Ryder divulged his hopes for a Ted Lasso spin off, as he received news of an Emmy nomination for his musical contributions to the final season of the hit Apple TV show.

Ryder provided vocals and co-wrote the song Fought and Lost, a track that also features Brian May on guitar, which played during in an intensely emotional scene during in the penultimate episode of the show.

For his efforts, Sam Ryder has been nominated for the coveted American television gold standard of an award, an Emmy, which he had apparently always had as an 'ambition'.

He exclusively shared his thoughts with us from the red carpet.

Sam Ryder was clearly still a bit in shock and more focused on the evenings events saying: "I'm presenting awards tonight, I supporting a lot of friends, particularly gotta give a shout out to the Ted [Lasso] team."

He was also still clearly in shock having only just recently received the incredible news: "Yeah, you know, we've just found out we're nominated for an Emmy in the US for the music that we put on the show."

The star then show support for the current precarious state of television within the US stating: "I want to be here tonight and stand in absolute solidarity, not just with the people who are here, but the writers in the US that are going through hell and back, to be compensated for their work. And also, to feel a semblance of, I think, stability. I've chosen which everyone here and everyone watching from home values so dearly."

Moving on to his thoughts about having achieved such a massive goal of his he reflected on the value of the hit show as well as giving a nod to his regular companion, and our own flagship host, Chris Evans.

The star said: "I know, Chris [Evans] is all about like, it means so much to so many people. Because it taps into the core of the human spirit, in my opinion, reminds us of the importance of kindness of empathy. So a lot of music gets used for anything and everything these days, but to have something written specifically that lives in that world, and enforces and reinforces those values. I can't ask for much more as a musician, apart from an Emmy nomination, but we’ve already got it."

Turning his thoughts to whether he'd hope to work on anything to do with the show in the future, Ryder believed that there is definitely a potentially for a spin off or even a return from the show.

He continued: "So they left so many doors open. And as a fan, like, you can see so many avenues with which you could work. And one thing I know with Jason [Sudekis], behind the scenes or on screen, you're going to feel that passion. And that kindness and that empathy."

Sam then closed out the interview with news of a South Korean tour and a new iron, stating that there are 'a lot of irons in the fire' for the future of his career.

Ryder recently appeared on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to discuss one of those 'irons', his appearance as a part of The National Lottery’s United by Music Tour, in order to highlight the importance of local venues.

It is believed that one grassroots music venue closes every week, but this year takes The National Lottery’s contribution to £1.5M. “These places are crucial for young artists to learn their craft,” Sam said. “We can chat about social media until the cows come home. But that learning performance, learning to fail in front of people, essentially, learning to sing all the wrong notes before the right ones. You need to do it in there and you can't do it if they don't exist. So, it's getting back to these venues.”

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