Netflix delights fans by backtracking on controversial decision to remove show

Virgin Radio

6 Sep 2023, 09:54

Netflix logo and a TV setup for streaming

Credit: Netflix/Getty

Fans are rejoicing on social media after Netflix UK and Ireland have revealed they will not be removing one popular show which was due to be axed from the platform this September.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s hit sitcom series Peep Show had been due to leave the platform on 28th September, but Netflix have since revealed to fans that this will no longer be the case.

Eagle eyed devotees of the show began to suspect the streaming service had successfully managed to change their original plan to remove the show when they noticed the message warning viewers that Peep Show would soon be leaving the service had disappeared.

“Hi @NetflixUK - the date warning badge has now been removed from Peep Show...can you confirm??” asked a hopeful fan of the show on X (formerly Twitter) on 5th September.

Another fan replied with a gif featuring Webb’s character Jeremy ‘Jez’ Usbourne from the show saying: “I don’t want to tempt fate but I think everything is going to be totally great forever.”

Netflix eventually replied, also by referencing the show, saying: “It was decided this would have been so not Rainbow Rhythms, so Peep Show will remain on Netflix.”

Fans were delighted at the news: “Correct decision,” one said, “Now that’s tickety boo,” said another. Many more posted more gifs from the show featuring the cast dancing and saying celebratory things. 

Some also took the post as an opportunity to make further requests, however. “Any chance of bringing That Mitchell & Webb Look back while you’re at it please?” one fan politely asked.

While Peep Show has been saved from its imminent departure from Netflix, it appears other shows such as Jack Whitehall’s Fresh Meat which were revealed to be departing this month will still be being removed from the platform later in September.