Eddy's Good News: A tech giant’s U-turn and a wallet in a lake

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6 Sep 2023, 09:38

Credit: Getty / WDAY News

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Wednesday 6th September 2023

A huge win for consumer rights in The States as the biggest electronics company in the world finally say it’s okay for us to repair our phones and laptops.

Apple computers have been lobbying, for years, to try and stop people from self-repairing the stuff we buy off them. It’s not just us, but third party shops who don’t charge the exorbitant fees of officially licensed Apple dealers. The bill Apple have been trying to stop gives us the right and the means to repair faulty items. The bill requires tools, components and how-to guides to be made available at a fair price for at least seven years after a product is discontinued, meaning repair support can continue long after any warranty has expired. 

Globally, e-waste tops 50 million tonnes a year and will hit almost 75 million tonnes by 2030 if we don’t do anything about it, so repairing our electronics, and Apple’s U-turn, is a win for everyone.

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A one in a million story from the USA now, as a teenager who went fishing in one of America’s biggest lakes hooks a wallet stuffed with cash and, instead of spending it, finds the farmer it belonged to!

Say howdy to Minnesota teen, Conor Halsa who was fishing in Lake Of The Woods, the sixth largest lake in the US at 70 miles long, when he felt something glamping on the end of his line, but the fat fish he was expecting turned out to be a bi-fold wallet, stuffed with cash, $2000 in fact, which he and his dad dried out. 

But rather than exercising the finders keepers rule, Conor looked for provenance and found a soggy business card with a number just visible, so he called up and found Jimmy Denny, a farmer from 600 miles away in Iowa. Jimmy had lost his wallet when it fell out on a choppy day and couldn’t believe the luck of this story. Lake of the Woods is 1,679.5 square miles. That’s seventy seven times bigger than Loch Ness and 210 feet deep in places. The odds of Connor’s hook snagging the corner of Jimmy’s wallet is almost incalculable. 

Jimmy tried to give Conor a reward but Conor sweetly refused. What a guy!

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