Idris Elba has been put off playing Bond after receiving 'disgusting' race comments

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28 Jun 2023, 15:19

(L-R) Idris Elba, Daniel Craig

Pic: Rex/Columbia

Idris Elba has said the comments he received after his name was suggested for James Bond were "disgusting".

The actor is one of many names to have been thrown into the ring to replace Daniel Craig as 007.

The Luther actor has now said he has been put off the role after the responses to his name being considered “became about race”.

The iconic role is something many actors would love to do, however the suggestion has been tainted for Idris.

He appeared on the SmartLess podcast, alongside with hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes.

Idris revealed the suggestion was originally flattering but soon turned sour.

“The truth is, I was super complimented for a long time about this,” Elba said. “James Bond… it’s one of those coveted [roles].

“Being asked to be James Bond was like ‘OK, you’ve sort of reached the pinnacle’. That’s one of those things the whole world has a vote in. Essentially, it was a huge compliment that every corner of the world except from some corners, which we will not talk about, were really happy about the idea that I could be considered.

“Those that weren’t happy about the idea made the whole thing disgusting and off-putting, because it became about race. It became about nonsense and I got the brunt of it.”

He previously squashed the rumours in an interview with The Guardian: “It’s a compliment and it’s an honour, but it’s not the truth."

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill are just two of the other names reportedly in the running for the role.

Cavill's replacement in Superman has also been announced.