EastEnders: Zaarah Abrahams and Ellie Dadd reveal how they unwind from tense storylines

Virgin Radio

28 Jun 2023, 13:45

(L-R) Zaraah Abrahams, Ellie Dadd

Pic: Getty

EastEnders is known for high drama, and some incredibly emotional storylines.

It can be hard to watch them onscreen, but what is it like for the cast and crew filming them?

Actors Zaraah Abrahams and Ellie Dadd opened up at the TRIC Awards to talk about the show and how they unwind after a stressful time filming.

Zaraah, who plays Chelsea Atkins told virginradio.co.uk: "It's been very eventful! Murder, death, conspiracy....Yeah, it's a lot."

Zaraah has been at the centre of a domestic violence storyline, which saw her character Chelsea be victim of an attempted murder.

How does she and the rest of the cast cope with the stressful stories?

"We pull each other out of those deep energies. We've got a green room and we giggle in there. We sing in there, we tell funny stories," says Zaraah.

She explains: "I think we just have to just separate it from real life. Sometimes it is hard because you do put your all into it, and it does lay heavy on you."

It seems that keeping active helps the cast: "You've got each other to be like ‘You okay? No? Go for a walk.’ We walk around the studio."

Zaraah was joined on the carpet by co-star Ellie Dadd, who has been receiving high praise from fans and critics alike for her portrayal of the troubled Amy Mitchell.

The star has been receiving thanks and positive feedback from viewers for her role, and Ellie says it makes everything worthwhile: "It just it makes me feel amazing, because if I'm able to help other people, then that makes me feel better."She continued: "I'm helping to make the world a better place."

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