How to link your Alexa and Virgin Radio accounts

Virgin Radio

20 Jun 2023, 13:21

Credit: Virgin Radio / Getty

If you love listening to Virgin Radio, why not join the club today?

Did you know that you can link your Alexa and Virgin Radio accounts?

Yes, whether you feel like listening to Virgin Radio UK, Virgin Radio Anthems, Virgin Radio Chilled, Virgin Radio 80s Plus, or Virgin Radio Pride, you can link your account up to your Alexa.

How to do it: 

It’s so easy. All you need to do is just say "Alexa, ask News Broadcasting to log me in" and we'll send a link to your Alexa app. 

You’ll only need to do it once, and you'll be able to continue listening to all of your favourite presenters, including Chris Evans, Graham Norton and Ricky Wilson.

Smart, eh?