Eddy's Good News: Lewis Capaldi's special intimate show, tech news and a fishing scheme!

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24 May 2023, 09:21

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Wednesday 24th May 2023

Lovely Lewis Capaldi has announced a special super intimate show with all profits going to charity as a warm up for his Reading and Leeds headline slots. 

He announced yesterday that he’s going to play a show at the Leeds Wardrobe on June 6th. It’s a 400 capacity venue by a star capable of selling 40,000 tickets for a gig. You can register for a ticket until midday on Tuesday 30th, and that that throws you into a raffle - they’re calling it a ballot but I like the word raffle because it suggests you might get a second prize of a tray of chops, or a third prize of a polythene bag with a goldfish in it.

It’ll be an amazing chance to see a true star of this age in a place where you can cut the atmosphere and the wall of swear words with a rusty butter knife. 

You can register here!

Credit: The Times/News UK

Stinky but inspiring tech news from the far east where they’ve discovered that you can replace a lot of the sand in concrete with  -you are never going to guess this - shredded diapers.

We all know that disposable nappies are a massive landfill problem, I can’t think of anything, bar maybe disposable clothes, that’s as bad, but researchers in japan have come up with an incredible solution. Used nappies can be washed, dried, then shredded and the component parts, wood pulp, cotton, viscose rayon, and plastics like polyester and polypropylene make a great replacement for sand that’s usually used to mix cement.

Credit: Zuraida

Depending on the load it bears, it’s possible to replace between 10% and 40% of the sand in columns or partition walls and if this becomes a thing that would divert a staggering amount of nappies from landfill. The hard bit will be to find somebody to collect them, wash them and dry them, so there’s a start-up idea for you!?

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Florida Fish & Wildlife

Good news from the USA where shrimp and crab fishing people are being paid to collect the abandoned or lost traps in a scheme that will inspire fishing folk all over the world.

A crab trap or a lobster pot is a simple thing that’s not changed in design for hundreds maybe even thousands of years, the critter goes into the trap to get food and can’t get out, but of course these things get lost or abandoned and of course they keep working and collectively have a devastating effect on sea life. This is called ghost fishing and costs locals about 15 million dollars every year. So Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United, a non-profit fishermen’s organisation, is paying $5 for each trap that’s brought to a collection point and in the three years the scheme has been running, they’ve collected 3,000 traps! So far the program has cost $34,000, which is a tiny fraction of what the lost equipment costs, not to mention the by-catch of these lethal things. Hopefully this will start a trend around the world and we’ll end up collecting a million traps.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org