Piers Morgan admits Phillip Schofield is 'heartbroken', Eamonn Holmes 'loathes him' and Holly Willoughby is 'tough' and 'brand protective'

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24 May 2023, 10:52

Piers Morgan admits Phillip Schofield is 'heartbroken', Eamonn Holmes 'loathes him' and Holly Willoughby is 'tough' and 'brand protective'

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Piers Morgan has opened up about former This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield who he said is 'heartbroken' over his short-and-sweet This Morning exit tribute, that Eamonn Holmes and Amanda Holden 'loathe him' and Holly Willoughby is a 'tough, ambitious, brand-protective cookie.'

Broadcaster Piers, 58, wrote for The Sun: "I don’t know the full story behind Phillip Schofield’s downfall, but where I feel personal empathy with him is over the manner of his sacking.

"For ITV to not even give him the chance to say a proper goodbye to his large, loyal audience after 21 years struck me as needlessly churlish, and I know he’s utterly heartbroken about it because he told me himself.

"Phillip’s not the evil monster he’s being painted as, nor is he the angel his previously halo-clad reputation suggested.

"I know a lot of people who loathe him for the way he’s treated them, including my good friends Amanda Holden and Eamonn Holmes."

He continued: "Holly's [Willoughby] a friend of mine, but beneath the benign butter-wouldn’t-melt grin and touchy-feely motivational Instagram posts lurks a tough, ambitious, brand-protective cookie, which is one of the reasons why I like her."

Phillip Schofield

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Recalling his own GMB exit in 2021, after refusing to apologise to Meghan Markle over questioning her mental health issues, he said: "I, too, was deprived of saying goodbye to my GMB audience and that hurt after putting so much effort into gaining their trust.

"But he can at least console himself with the fact that he got publicly thanked by his employers."

Current stand-in presenter Alison Hammond, 48, told the audience: "Now, we can’t start today’s show without paying tribute to the man who spent the last two decades sitting on the This Morning sofa, Phillip Schofield."

Dermot O’Leary, 49, continued: "So, as a show, everyone on and off screen at ITV, and This Morning, want to say a huge thank you to Phil for what he’s done to make this show such a success over the last 21 years."

Alison continued: "Quite simply, we all know he’s one of the best live television broadcasters this country has ever had. And we and all the team wish him all the best for the future."

ITV said in a statement about Schofield: "After more than 20 years on the This Morning sofa, Phillip Schofield has stepped back from ITV’s flagship morning show having presented his last episode on Thursday 18 May.

"Having co-hosted the multi-award winning show for two decades, Phillip will continue to present peak time shows for ITV including next month’s The British Soap Awards and a new prime time series."

Holly will be returning to the sofa on Monday June 5.

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