Chris Evans has hilarious reaction to exciting Ted Lasso news

Virgin Radio

19 May 2023, 10:12

Credit: Apple TV+/Virgin Radio

Chris Evans received some very good Ted Lasso-themed news on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch this morning.

It is no secret that the Virgin Radio presenter is a big fan of Ted Lasso, especially when stars of the hit Apple TV+ show visit him at the studio.

Just last month, Lasso himself, Jason Sudeikis, joined the show to talk about the latest season and before him, Nick Mohammed, who plays Nate, came to chat about all thing Ted Lasso.

Well, it seems his enthusiasm about the show has not gone unnoticed!

The powers that be at Apple TV+ have invited Chris to host a Q&A with the cast about the final season of Ted Lasso…in Los Angeles.

Oh, and it’s happening next week!

When hearing about the news live on the breakfast show on Friday morning (19th May), Chris had a hilarious but totally appropriate reaction.

You can see what happened in our video here:

Even though this may be the final season of Ted Lasso, fans have been crying out for more and when he joined the show, Sudeikis said he found it “flattering” there was still such a demand for it.

He continued: “To hear people's enthusiasm for this show, and also the way it's helped them, in the way families watch it together, that's something that we all take huge advisement from. But it has to be the stories, it has to be the characters, it can't just be because we want it.

“There's a lot of things we don't get in life that we want, but, you know, it's the journey to get there. So, I have to get kind of done with this chapter.”

Jason added: “It's not a negotiation tactic. I'm not trying to be political. I'm not trying to hem and haw. It's truly, once we get through with this, I can't wait for Brendan, Joe and I to get back in a pool together and see what comes from, through, betwixt."

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