Eddy's Good News: First e-motorway in Sweden and tech and green revolution in Estonia!

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4 May 2023, 09:04

Credit: Electreon

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Thursday 4th May 2023

Mind blowing news from Sweden as they announce their first e-motorway that can charge electric vehicles as they drive on it!

Say hello to the E-20 highway running between Sweden’s three major cities and in 2015, an over 20 mile long stretch of it will be able to charge vehicles as they drive. There’s no overhead cables and no arms dragging under your car or truck, these bad boys are wireless and all you’d need is a little gizmo that converts the signal to electricity and Bob’s yer uncle! Haulage trucks are their main target as they have to carry such a huge load of batteries and inter city charging means batteries can be much smaller. Sweden have also recognised that ultimately they only have to convert 25% of their motorways to e-highways for the system to work for everyone, all the time. Now Germany, Israel, and Italy have all implemented similar projects.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Tallin - the Times/News UK

Inspiring news from Estonia and their capital city Tallin that’s having a tech and green revolution!

Under the banner of ‘Tallinovation’ the Baltic city is realising a utopian vision. They have robot electric vehicles, designed and built in Estonia, that can deliver a pizza or the weekly shop any time of day or night in any weather and affordably too. They have self driving robot minibuses! They give the equivalent of around £90 to every school kid to buy a bicycle once they’ve passed their cycling proficiency test. Aside from being tech leaders now they’re majorly amping up their green credentials.

First off they’re planning a ten mile long biodiversity corridor through the middle of the city, to encourage wildlife to return and they’re now one of only a few cities to have a wetland within its borders. The Paaskula peat bog was deliberately drained but now being rewilded as a biodiversity focal point for birds, amphibians, invertebrates and mammals, and as a carbon sink, because wetlands are better than woods for sequestering CO2. They have a way to go power wise but they’re on it and change is coming. That makes me want to go to Tallin!

Via: positivenews.com