Tom Jones stars Hannah Waddingham and Solly McLeod on doing 'racy' scenes

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4 May 2023, 07:52

Hannah Waddingham and Solly McLeod

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Solly McLeod and Hannah Waddingham, stars of ITV’s latest period drama Tom Jones, revealed what it was like to shoot the more intimate scenes.

Based on Henry Fielding’s 1749 novel, The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling, this new series is ITV’s answer to Bridgerton with the same amount period drama, romance and racy moments.

The story follows Tom Jones (McLeod), who is raised by a gentleman called Squire Allworth after being abandoned as a baby. He grows up to be a handsome, free-spirited and charming man who is, consequently, very popular with the ladies.

Waddingham plays Lady Bellaston, the aunt of Tom’s love interest Sophia Western, who has a soft spot for Tom.

Speaking to and other press, Waddingham and McLeod revealed what it was like to shoot the more intimate scenes.

When asked how they found the experience, Waddingham explained: “It’s great that, thankfully, for three jobs I’ve had an intimacy coordinator. It’s like a supportive pair of eyes and ears but, each time and particularly with Solly, I think you find your own rhythm and that looks good. It shows their friendship with each other.”

She continued: “It does become choreographed with the intimate coordinator, but actually it’s just about support being there.”

McLeod added: “I think we were lucky enough to have the time and also comfortability with each other to talk about it and say, ‘Look, we're okay, we're open to trying things we're open to seeing feels right.’ But we always have the backup and the safety net of that person being there.

“I never felt weird or awkward or anything. We allowed ourselves to have fun with it, which I think was necessary for the scenes. They're fun and that it has to be fun!”

Hannah spoke more about her character, Lady Bellaston, and why she’s glad she is finally appearing in a period drama. You can read more from that here.

Tom Jones will be available to stream on ITVX on 4 May.