Huw Edwards shares heartwarming viewer response to coverage of Queen Elizabeth II's death

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29 Mar 2023, 13:12

Huw Edwards

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Huw Edwards has opened up about the heartwarming response he received from viewers following his coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

The BBC newsreader was at the frontline of broadcasting around the monarch’s passing and there was rarely a moment during the days of mourning that he wasn’t on the TV.  

At the time, he was praised for his professionalism and hard work while covering the event and Edwards spoke to on the red carpet of the RTS Awards last night (28th March) to share the overwhelming response he had from viewers.

When asked if saw what people were saying about him at the time, Huw said: “I kind of have a kind of aversion to reading stuff and because I'm always thinking somebody's going to say something dreadful, I don't want to see it. So, I tend not to look.”

He continued: “One little thing which will give you an idea of the response was, we as broadcasters, you don't get letters in the post anymore. You know, people don't post things. We used to get hundreds of letters and years gone but these days were no letters.

Who else did we speak to at the RTS Awards?

"Well, after the Queens death, suddenly, the post box was full of actual letters which people had written and posted. And I love that because it was a reflection of the audience and people have gone to the trouble of writing a note and posting it, which I think kind of reflected that they wanted to say something. I did appreciate that a lot.”

Huw had been nominated for Best Presenter at the RTS Awards specifically for his coverage of the State Funeral of Her Majesty The Queen, which he said was “surreal”.

Speaking about the nomination, he added: “There's no question that people are still thinking about the aftermath of Queen's death, and, you know, how it affected them and what it said about the last, I don't know, 70 years of British history, it's, it was a big event. And it marked lots of people, by the way, lots of people who are not really monarchists, I was surprised by how many people were affected by it.”

In the end, it was Ramita Navai who took home the award for her work on Afghanistan: No Country for Women. You can see the full list of winners here.