Eddy's Good News: 3D printed hotels and discovery of a gold medallion linking to Oden

Virgin Radio

29 Mar 2023, 10:02

Credit: Bjarke Ingels Group

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Wednesday 29th March 2023

Fascinating news from a corner of Texas that will be transformed by a stunning 3D printed hotel, which will see beautiful dome shaped roofs and gorgeous curves adorn the desert.

Say howdee to the El Cosmico hotel and camping ground in the Western edge of the Texan desert, who’ve hired a Swedish architect to design their groundbreaking and futuristic hotel complex, entirely 3D printed by a local company.

The special cement type printer material will have local earth mixed into it, to have the curvaceous structures blend perfectly with their surroundings.

The infinity pool, outside kitchen and luxury cabins will all be a homage to the beauty of the desert and it’s endless sky and all built at around 30% less cost and in a fraction of the time because 3D printing homes is so time, labour and cost efficient.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Arnold Mikkelsen, Danish National Museum

Good news from Denmark as experts in Viking mythology are falling over themselves at the discovery of a gold medallion that bears the oldest ever reference to Odin, beating the last one by 150 years!

Say hello to a haul of pure gold found Denmark’s Jutland Peninsula in 2020 which this pendant was a part of. Archaeologists have decoded the phrase “he was Odin’s man” on this particular medallion which dates back to 400 AD. Odin, also known as Wotan or Woden, depending on whether you were Anglo Saxon, Germanic, or Celtic was the king of the gods and god of kings. You’ll know him, of course, as the awesome Anthony Hopkins in the Thor films franchise. His influence is still with us because of course Wednesday comes from Woden’s day. Experts at the National Museum of Denmark have called this “absolutely amazing, a moment of pure ecstasy”.

I hope they slam a horn of tepid mead in his honour!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org