Good news for vegans! Greggs add vegan sausage bap and vegan ham and cheeze baguette to their menu

Virgin Radio

20 Apr 2021, 16:10

Their vegan sausage rolls and steak bakes are already making vegans and vegetarians very happy, but Greggs is going even further.

Until now, vegans missed out on the breakfast options. Not anymore, as they're now making a vegan sausage bap!

Lunchtimes are getting a little brighter too, with the introduction of a vegan ham and cheese baguette.

You might have to be patient though, as it sounds like it's a small scale trial to start with.

A Greggs spokesperson said: ‘Over the coming weeks we’ll be trialling our delicious Vegan Ham and Cheeze Baguette and Vegan Sausage Breakfast Roll in a very small number of shops, with a wider launch planned for later in the year.’

They haven't given any clues as to which shops will be stocking the new products.

The ham and cheeze baguette will cost £2.95.

It will be made with quorn ham and cheddar flavoured vegan cheese slices.

One thing is for sure, the firm are definitely fond of vegan products.

When they launched the vegan sausage roll, it added 14% to the value of the company.

We're sure these will be very popular too. 

Would you give them a try?